Chopstick Breaker

The Chopstick Breaker

For this game you need two teams again (you can also play it with two people only).

You need wooden chopsticks and your hand.

The two teams are standing in rows (for the first round behind a table). The first person in the row has to break the chopstick with his hand by putting it between their fingers and smashing their hand

on the table. The chopstick is lying on the ring and index finger with the middle finger over it.


You can set the rules however you want. The two teams can start at the same time and the team that finishes first wins or you can set a specific number of chopsticks that the team has to break in a

specific time. In this case, the faster team wins.

To make the game a bit funnier you can make a second round where the chopsticks will be broken on the knee (hurts more).



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