It’s played in two groups. RM uses something like a platform where the persons have to stand on.



Beause normal people don’t have a platform at home we will just draw a circle (it’s just an example) on the floor (if you’re outside you can draw with a crayon, if you’re inside you can lay a circle with skarfs). You also need a camera with a tripod. You either set a timer or someone will take the picture after a while (30 seconds~1 minute, or more).

The two teams are trying to stand in the circle (they have to push the other team out of the circle). When the picture is taken you have to stand in the circle and grin in the camera.

There are several versions of this game. Either you have to show your theeth while smiling or you must have your eyes open or whatever you want.

The team that has the most team members smiling on the taken picture wins the game.


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