Catch the Thief

Catch the Thief

This game is played in a group (I recommend at least 5 people).

You need as many postcards as players (the postcards have all the same back). On every postcard’s face is the same picture except on one (on this card stands thief).

The cards will be distributed face down to the players. The players are sitting around a table and the game starts with the first player who will just give his card to the second player.

The the third player can choose one card from the second player (he only sees the back of the card). The fourth player can then choose one card from the third player and so on.

When the last (first) player has chosen a card the game is over. Everyone has to show their card’s face now. The player with the thief card looses the game.


Here are samples for the postcard. You can print them and glue them on a carton.


jaesuk (2)


The back of the postcard.





The normal face of the card.



The “THIEF” face of the card.



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