Stand Up!

Stand Up!

Only one person will loose this game (the last one sitting).

I recommend at least 5 people to play it so I’ll explain it with 5 players.

Everyone has to sit down. Now someone has to stand up and shout 1. But there’s no settled order. No one knows

who will stand up. But if more than one person stands up and shouts 1 they are all out and the remaining

players continue the game starting with 1 again.

If only one person stood up and shouted 1 he is safe. Now the next person to stand up has to shout 2.

If this person was also the only one and the one to shout 3 and 4 too, than the remaining one lost the game.

Below is an example with Jaesuk, Jungki and Jongguk. Jungki shouted 1 and he was the only one so he’s safe.

Jongguk shouted 2 and was the only one, so he’s also safe. Because they were playing with three people Jaesuk lost the game, he’s the only one sitting.

stand up


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