Draw Down the Lane

Draw Down the Lane


This game is like Whisper Down the Lane. It can be played in two teams or not ^_^. The players are standing in a row (behind each other). Every player has a drawingpad and a pencil.

The firt player turns around and gets a term from a person who isn’t playing right now or if it’s only played in one team the first player will choose a term himself.

The players can’t see what the person behind them is drawing. Everyone has 10 seconds to draw. When the first one to draw has finished he turns around and shows his drawing to the next player.

The next player has to draw what he is seeing (also in 10 seconds). Than he has to turn around and show his drawing to the next player. The last player doesn’t have to draw. He can also only see the drawing of the player before him.

And now he has to guess the term from the first player with the drawing from the player before him.


If the game is played in two teams, the team that guesse the most terms right wins. But it’s also funny without teams.



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